Do Your Dogs Eat Grass?

by | Jan 1, 2024

Over the many years I have had dogs I notice that my Australian Kelpies seem to be the most fascinated by eating grass.  Do your dogs eat grass?  My Kelpies seem to be fascinated by grass!  I have three Kelpies and each one of them loves grass!

In the past, I have had quite a few Shelties, and my Shelties did not desire to eat grass continually, as their preference seemed to be when they wanted to vomit due to a possible upset stomach or fancied having a nibble just for the fun of it.

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I have asked my doggie friends if their dogs eat grass and have been interested in the various answers I’ve received. 

One of my friends said that her husband kept a bag of dirt on hand for when there were patches of grass removed from their lawn by her dogs.  So, I am not alone in having dogs that seem to love grazing like cows.

What is quite fascinating is that they know which grasses they prefer and will nuzzle around until they find the right blend. 

I am not too impressed when they find a yummy bit which they then scratch at and end up pulling out a long root of grass.  Of course, they do not want this long piece, it is only a particular small piece they prize, so then this long grass runner is left to die. 

To add to this, the dirt is now exposed, and whether they indeed hear a worm or a beetle underneath the dirt or not I do not know but there now seems to be an urgency to go ahead and start digging!  Then to my disappointment, there is now a hole dug out that needs to be filled.

Do your dogs eat grass and why do you believe they do so?  Is it because they have an upset stomach, or do you believe they do so because they find it a pleasurable experience?

With my Australian Kelpies, what I find intriguing is that when I step outside whilst they are in our yard, they immediately go and start eating grass!  Why is this, I have asked myself many times.

They seem to do this more so when I am out in the yard rather than when my husband is out in the yard. 

Why is this?

I have come up with my thoughts on why this is so!

I believe it is because they are calm and happy when I am with them, they find this to be an enjoyable experience choosing which piece of grass is the choicest morsel to select and chew on and I believe that they find this to be therapeutic.

Every so often I take my dogs to a catchment area to have a run around through the long grasses that have been specially planted, and to paddle at the water’s edge.  Of course, they like to let the ducks know that this is now their time, so ducks you had better leave, which they do!

They again know which grass they like.  There is a grass that is grown in this catchment area that they head to excitedly, each one of my dogs chews this particular grass down nearly to the ground.  They will even miss having a run around chasing the ducks away just to eat this particular grass species. 

I have to encourage them to ‘go play’ so that they can have some exercise, otherwise, a lot of our time there is wasted in my view, as I love to see them having fun stretching their legs and running after each other.

Exercise builds great muscles and I love to see a well-conditioned dog, don’t you?  Then I feel that we have accomplished a great deal when they can come back home tired after exercising their bodies.

Let me know, do your dogs eat grass and if yes, what breed are they, as I am wondering if only specific breeds find this past-time rewarding?

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