How to Help Dogs Be Pleased with Us!

by | Jun 19, 2023

I was watching one of my Australian kelpie dogs looking at me so lovingly through the glass windows and doors and I thought to myself I need to chat about how to help dogs be pleased with us.

I was observing her body language as she was intently gazing at me, her ears were back, her face and eyes looked soft, her tail was wagging happily, and her body was moving gently from side-to-side. I knew without a shadow of a doubt how much she loved me.

How did I react to this display of affection?  I waved to her from inside my home!  Yes, you read this correctly! … and she observed my smile and her tail wagged more furiously!

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These actions sparked my interest.   What had I done to deserve this attention?

I have raised my dogs with the same attention to detail from a program that I developed over many years, always being very aware that this relationship needed to be nurtured the same as any relationship we have in our lives, whether that be family, work colleagues, sports-related, or our faith. All relationships grow as we give them our time. 

I have attended many seminars and training days to further my education regarding my dogs, read many books, and chatted to experts, veterinarians, vet nurses, you name it, anyone who would listen to me and answer my questions within their sphere of knowledge.

Whilst I learned much from asking questions, I had to apply this to my own dogs, plus be aware of our particular family dynamics.

As I brought home each new dog over the years observing their personalities, I realised that like ourselves, we need to understand and be observant of the animals’ needs and capabilities.

That is now why I start from day one on building a bonding process that will bring respect and affection to both humans and animals.

Our dogs need boundaries just as we need boundaries.  Boundaries in the main keep us safe and secure, do you agree?

 So, have you asked yourself the question of how to help dogs be pleased with us?  I am sure you have, especially when you see other owners with their dogs enjoying such a close relationship together.

 Being consistent, being calm, playing games with your dog, stimulating your dog’s mind with games or training, and simply taking your dog on an outing or walk helps you to bond with your dog.

Your dog needs good food, plenty of water, exercise, affection, a calm atmosphere, and a comfortable bed, preferably a bed inside somewhere safe. 

My dogs sleep in our laundry and have a baby gate to keep them safely confined. I prefer to not have them closed within a room, a preference which I feel helps the dogs to know they are still part of the family and are not simply being shut away.

Your dog is a pack animal and needs companionship. Your dog is not a lone ranger, and does not enjoy being left out in the yard all alone day after day, they need your company and care.

If the weather is nice and cool and you are going in your car to buy some groceries where you will be parking undercover, and you have the opportunity to leave your windows down a short way so that your dog will still be cool, take your dog with you. 

You can even put a battery-operated fan in your car that you can purchase from a hardware store to help keep the air circulating.  Your dog will learn that you are coming back to the car and will learn to wait patiently for you. 

My dogs love this, just to be with you is a prize indeed. They are happy!  Even though the trip is short it doesn’t matter.  I do not advocate leaving your dog in the car too long, as this can be harmful to your pet.  Be considerate of their comfort, you would not enjoy being left in a car for too long, so be caring and sensible about this decision.

Dogs are loyal companions. Show them the same loyalty they give you.

So, how to help dogs be pleased with us?  Do all of the above for starters, and you will not be sorry you put in the effort and time. 

Would You Like to Know How to Train Your Dog or Puppy?
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Until next time…

With Love, Success and Inspiration

Robin Oliver

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