Leaving a Puppy When You Go to Work

by | Oct 23, 2023

You are a family household, so what do you do when leaving a puppy when you go to work?

How do you provide for your new puppy?  Have you considered this important aspect before you bought your puppy or when you were considering buying a puppy?

It’s an important decision, one that requires your thoughts, especially when puppies have each other to play with plus the care and company of their mum if she still chooses to be with them for play or even to feed them.  Some mother dogs as her babies are getting closer to leaving to go and be with their new family still love to feed their young.  Ouch, those sharp teeth as they feed from their mums, these dedicated mums are golden!

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My youngest Australian Kelpie stayed with my friend (who is an experienced breeder) when she had her litter and she proved to be an exceptional mum.  So much so, that as the puppies grew older my friend moved this mum to a crate to sleep overnight to give her a rest. 

However, first thing in the morning when she was let out of her comfy crate, instead of going straight outside to relieve herself she headed straight for her babies to feed them, then took them outside through the doggie door to play with them.  An Amazing mum!

I have fortunately been able to take my dogs to work with me, where we had an enclosed yard built for their safety, as large trucks were constantly coming in and out of this business site.  What a fortunate opportunity as my dogs learned to adapt to other people and noises.

Even, when I was working from home, there were occasions when I needed to go out for long periods.  So, leaving a puppy when you go to work, was also one of my concerns.

How did I help my puppy adjust? 

I bought three pens that each had six panels and joined them together.  I made sure I had enough water for my puppy, and a few chew toys with frozen food inside that would provide my puppy with the desire to lick at these food toys for quite a long time hoping this would make them tired also.

I also included some toys, and of course a raised bed for comfort.

I set these pens up under an outdoor area and if I was not able to reach the grassed area with these attached pens, I provided some fake grass for my puppy to toilet on.  I set up this way if the weather was going to be quite warm as I was concerned about my puppy getting too hot.

If the weather was a lot cooler, I would place these connected pens out further where I could reach some grass and I would even put up a gazebo where my puppy could shelter out of the sun.  Again I included the above included the raised bed.

Sometimes I would even leave a cardboard box for the puppy to shred and play with.

If the weather was going to be stormy or raining, I would set up under the outdoor area.

As I teach my puppies or dogs to love their crates, being in a pen was like being in a very large crate to them so they did not feel as though they were in something very strange whilst I was out of their sight.

We need to be very mindful of our responsibilities with our new additions to our families and I would love to hear your stories of how you coped with leaving a puppy when you go to work.

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With Love, Success and Inspiration,

Robin Oliver

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