The Doggie Love Doggie Do Success Program



The program provides step by step guidance to achieve a longed for happy relationship with your new dog.



Eight Modules to The Doggie Do Doggie Success Program maps a proven process for you to follow

Module 1 – How to Become a Leader that is Patient and Consistent
We are going to learn together how to interact with your dog even on the first day home, how to help your dog if you become frustrated, and how to practice an attitude of consistency and set a daily routine right from the get-go!

Module 2 – Helping and Guiding Your Dog to Adapt to Your Household
What to do on the 1st night, how to create patterns, what activities to attempt on the next day, how to implement crate training as a fun exercise

Module 3 – Start Training the Basic “Doggie Talk”
How to help your new dog to know his or her name, learn the Sit exercise, Drop or Down exercise, Meal and Food manners

Module 4 – Home Manners and Routines
What is your household set up? Family with children? Single household? Family with teenagers, Adult children? Couples? All family members need to be treating the dog with the same “doggie talk”.
How to observe the signs your new dog is trying to convey to you

Module 5 – Learning Control and Manners
Why Eye contact is important, learn the Stand exercise, Stay and/or Wait exercise, Doorway manners, how to help them to learn how to be on their own.

Module 6 – Out and About, Meeting Strangers, Home Visitors
“Come to you” exercise, Heel exercise, learn Loose lead walking, Visitor manners, Socialising with people and other dogs

Module 7 – Progressing Through Phases of Growth and Behaviours
Barking behaviour, Puppy biting issue, Mental and Physical exercise, how to Foster Bonding with your new puppy or rehomed dog, what to do when your new dog is over-excited

Module 8 – Rewards of Love for Your Time, Patience, Consistency
How to give them direction, fun outings, respect is a two-way event, special one on one time, seeing yourself as your dog sees you, the do’s and don’ts of calling your dog back to you


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