Do You Favour One Dog in Your Household?

by | Nov 6, 2023

When you have multiple dogs, do you favour one dog in your household over and above your other dogs?  This can be quite tricky, can’t it?  All dogs, like us humans, have different personalities and traits.

We, humans, have certain personalities that we gravitate to more than others, and we seem to accept that as being how we are made and that we cannot all be alike, it would be boring if we were, wouldn’t it? 

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Also, sometimes opposite personalities attract.  This all adds to our uniqueness.  Really, all of nature reflects the glory of God!

I have three Australian Kelpies, all females, aged seven years, four years and two years old.  They are all good mates, mind you, I have put in the effort to help this camaraderie between the three of them.  Has this always been easy?  No!  I have needed to encourage their bonds with each other.

How have I done this?  I have simply stroked each of them all over with a reasonably firm and reassuring hand telling them all how wonderful they are.   They watched each other being stroked and waited for their turn.  I have stroked them only when they are in a calm state, mostly when they are heading off for the night’s sleep or just when they wake up.

I have not shown any favour when I have stroked them, simply mimicked my movements from one to the other, if you are asking me the question “Do you favour one dog in your household”?  This to me, has helped them accept more easily when another dog has been included in the mix.

Of course, it is entirely different when we are introducing a new puppy into the household, whilst.

 I still do the stroking of all my dogs and the puppy, usually, the puppy has other ideas, like, ‘This is nice but, hey, I want to do some stuff I have my eye on just now’.

Could I choose one of my dogs that I favour over the other?  I cannot!  My dogs all have their own traits, cuteness, and endearing ways.

My oldest Kelpie loves to check in with me before she goes off to do something, she loves to make sure all is okay in her world, and she will not stray far from me when I am in a leash-free area unless there is a ball to be thrown, she loves ball play.  However, strenuous ball play is not the best for a lot of dogs as they are using the same muscles and bones repeatedly, and they can harm themselves.  They will not show this harm, however, as their consuming love drowns out any discomfort.  She loves to be near me in quiet moments and lies patiently at my feet.  I love her dedication.

My middle kelpie age-wise thinks the world revolves only around her, and she alone.  If it is time for breakfast or dinner, she lets me know!  However, she is such a smooch and loves to snuggle up.  She makes me laugh with her ‘look at me’ antics.  She will lie at the side of my feet.  I love her snuggling near me.

My youngest Kelpie is a ball of fun and love, she loves everybody, loves all dogs, loves kids and can never seem to understand why not all dogs love her back as much.  She keeps trying though.  Everything we do in life is such a joy to her.  It is like watching a joyful child investigating new activities.  She will lie more to the side from me, and every now and again, she will come up to me and put her paw on my lap, as though to say, here I am, I’m just letting you know that I haven’t forgotten you.  I love her joy for life.

As you can see your question to me “Do you favour one dog in your household” is a resounding “No!” as all are special and have their own engaging personalities which brings a smile to my face each and every day!

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With Love, Success and Inspiration,

Robin Oliver

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With Love, Success and Inspiration,

Robin Oliver

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