How Do You Build a Relationship with Your Dog?

by | Sep 25, 2023

If you have had more than one dog over the years, have you changed your ideas on the subject of ‘How do you build a relationship with your dog?’  I would imagine that you have learned some ideas the hard way and other ideas have simply fallen into place as you shared your days together with your loyal friend.

I have always had a soft spot for animals, especially dogs, however, horses come a close second.  In fact, I recently watched a horse movie and cried most of the way through it.  I was concerned prior to watching this movie, in case the storyline was one where I would see hardships for the people concerned or even some form of cruelty to the horse or horses filmed.

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Guess what!  I was right, the movie included some harsh decisions regarding this gorgeous horse who had to be nursed back to health and then I found it difficult to sleep well that night because I was distressed about the cruelty the ‘villain’ displayed.  The ‘villain’s’ character was very well portrayed by the actor, however, even though I knew this was a movie, I found it difficult to sleep soundly afterward!   

Our dogs, being pack animals need our company to thrive.  If you meet a person whom you seem to really connect with, how would you continue to get to know this newfound friend?  I am sure, you would get to know his or her likes and dislikes and keep connecting with this person on quite a regular level so that your bond together would grow.

We are unable to say we know a person really well unless we build a relationship with the person whom you feel very comfortable with.

So, how do you build a relationship with your dog?

Do you get up earlier so that you can walk your dog if you have a day job, do you make sure your dog eats healthy food, gets adequate rest, gets fun to do exercises with you, and learns different games for you to ‘play’ together, and gets adequate training to stimulate your dog’s mind?  If you answered yes to all these questions you are working on building a great bonding relationship with your dog.

Your dog loves to be near you, of course when you have other family commitments you need to juggle your time so that each ‘family member’ does not feel as though you are leaving them unattended when they need you also. 

It can become quite a juggling act to share yourself in so many areas of life, especially when life these days, is go, go, go!

We all need time to unwind and recoup our energy levels, and quite often these times of recouping can be a simple sit down together with our family, including your dog, where we all just enjoy each other’s company and find out how our day went.  Was our day rewarding, exhausting, boring, or full of surprises?

These times of sharing together can bring rewards that will last through many of life’s ups and downs. 

When I get up after a night’s sleep, I do not immediately go to my dogs and welcome them into this new day, I go about my business, letting them “sleep in” so to speak until I am ready to go and let them out to relieve themselves after a night’s rest.  I calmly say hello to each of them, no fuss, and outside they go, knowing that when I am ready their breakfast will be ‘served’.

My dogs know how much I love them, and I do know that this love is returned.  How do I know this?  If I venture outside and they are playing together, they will each leave their interactions together and come straight to my side as they would prefer to be in my company more than in each other’s company.  That is a real blessing to me.

It is the same if your family prefers to chat with you rather than go off to their room and do their ‘stuff’. 

Special relationships are well worth striving for, relationships do not last if you don’t put the time and effort into maintaining what you have built together, so, ‘how do you build a relationship with your dog?  You give your dog time together with you, just as you do with your human family.  We all need to be treasured!

Would You Like to Know How to Build a Relationship with Your Dog?
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