How to Help Your Dog When Out Walking Stop Pulling on a Lead

by | Jul 24, 2023

Have you ever felt your frustration rising when you’re out walking with your dog who is pulling you along?  We are here to talk about how to help your dog when out walking stop pulling on a lead.

I have found over many years with many dogs some learn quickly to walk without pulling and some just go their own way and go, “Man, this is my walk, I will do what I want” and do exactly that!

There are a few ways you can go about this. One way is to start at your front door, so make sure you step out first with the dog behind you. I realise lots of folk do not think this is beneficial, but I do, so just for the fun of it, let’s try my way.

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You can initially take a few steps and if your dog pulls, stop and call your dog back to you and immediately reward your dog for coming back.  This process needs to be repeated over and over.

Sometimes, with this method, you may only get to walk a few paces down the street, however, this does work over time provided you have the patience to keep doing this over and over again.

You can also purchase a Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness and try this option whereby you have more control of your dog’s head.  The theory here is, if you have control of the dog’s head, you have control of the dog.

The word “gentle” reminds me that “a good man takes care of the needs of his pets” *, our pets need our calm guidance when walking with us, as we tend to forget that our dogs become super excited when out and about (*Proverbs 12:10(a) The Passion Translation).

You can also purchase what is called a Front Clip Dog Harness which attaches at the front chest point of the harness and also has another point on the rear of the harness for use with a double-ended leash. This way you can pull on the dog’s chest to help keep more control of your dog by the pressure point of the harness on your dog’s chest.

The following suggestions may also work for you on how to help your dog when out walking stop pulling on a lead.

I have used many methods over the years including the ones mentioned above.   I’ve also walked very slowly, and as you can guess, the dog starts to become quite puzzled by your slow walk and will turn around to look at you.  Jackpot, call your dog back and reward your dog!

Now I have three adult Australian Kelpies.  I love all my dogs and they love a walk with all the smells and sights, however being medium-sized dogs, they can be quite strong, particularly when walking three of them at the same time, so they need to walk nicely with me.

Mind you they are not all the same age, so all have been taught to walk comfortably on leads from puppies to adulthood.

My youngest Kelpie who is now two years old still likes to try and pull as she is an extremely friendly Kelpie who wants to say hello to everybody she sees, is so excited to be out and about, loves seeing people in their yards and wants to go and say hello. Every child or baby, everything that moves actually, (thankfully not cars) but when she sees someone in the distance, oh my goodness, she just wants to get to them to say hello, so as you can imagine she pulls.

The method I am using with this lass is a type of walking stick about a metre long. I have used one with a small ball on the end of the stick which looks pretty cool.

I simply use a plastic garden stake (bought from a garden outlet) and I just tap the ground in front of her and say “back, back” and just keep tapping backwards until she moves back into position. Most dogs will move back if the walking stick is impeding their movement.  She is aware of this procedure and will react accordingly as she realises I will not move forward until she steps back into position.

I have found this to be the simplest method to use for her and is how to help your dog when out walking stop pulling on a lead if the other options do not work for your pet.

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