My Checklist Before I Pick Up My New Puppy

by | Jul 9, 2024

My Checklist Before I Pick Up My New Puppy featured image

It is an exciting event when you know that in a few short weeks, you will be picking up a new puppy, especially if you have had an order with your chosen breeder for some time.  This is my checklist before I pick up my new puppy!


First, I need to decide what is the best breed to research for my particular lifestyle.  I also need to take into consideration if I have a family, a spouse, or if I have a single-person’s lifestyle.

Of course, how big is my backyard, how many times can I walk my new puppy or new dog?  How many hours am I prepared to give?  Am I prepared to get up earlier and take my dog for a walk? Do I work away from home, and will this be an issue for my new companion being alone for the hours that I work?  What size dog am I prepared to bring into my life or my household?  How active would I like my bestie to be?

The list goes on, doesn’t it?  

These are very important considerations that you need to resolve and be sure in your mind that the breed you have chosen will be a welcome member to your home and this new pet will be appreciated by all family members.

My Checklist Before I Pick Up My New Puppy

Once you have made these important decisions, you need to do your homework about who to purchase your puppy from.

Do you have friends or work colleagues who have dogs and can recommend a great breeder?  Word of mouth in this instance is so helpful!

Once I have settled upon a breeder that has been recommended or a breeder that I am satisfied with through my extensive research, I again go through my checklist before I pick up my new puppy.

I want to know from the breeder, when the next litter is expected and do I need to go on a waiting list, can I see the parents, do the parents have a clean bill of health history, can I see the mum interacting with her puppies when the puppies are about 5 weeks of age, just for starters? 

What interactive work does the breeder do with the puppies once they are born to help them be well-adjusted and socialised puppies?  What does the breeder feed her dogs and the puppies?  At what age does the breeder let the puppies go to their new homes?  

In Australia, the puppies need to be at least eight weeks of age before they can leave their mum and the breeder.

A responsible breeder will answer any questions, be available, and stand by her puppies if you have any issues.  Responsible breeders care about who the puppies will be living their lives with and are always ready to hear how your puppy is progressing. 

I know, as I was a breeder for about five years until I needed to return to outside work, and believe me, I asked the prospective owners many questions so that I was as prepared as I could be, to be comfortable about letting my puppies go and become a member of their household.

I have also been a part of a breeding program whereby my dogs went back to my chosen breeder to have a litter of puppies.  

Puppies that have good parentage are worth the price that the breeder asks, as it is a lot of work for the conscientious breeder to make sure that your line of puppies have great temperaments as well as great confirmation.

Once all this has been sorted, it is time to prepare bedding, purchase a crate and pen for your pup’s rest, collar and leash, harness, toys, chew toys, food, water bowls, and food that the breeder recommends starting with, before you change to a diet of your choice just for starters.

I could go on and on about my checklist before I pick up my new puppy, however, I am here to answer any further questions you may have.

Until next time…

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