What Creature Comforts Does Your Pet Dog Look Forward to Doing?

by | Jul 31, 2023

Are your dogs part of your family?  If yes, what creature comforts does your pet dog look forward to doing?

The life of a dog has changed over the years, hasn’t it?  When I was growing up, we mainly bought our dog a kennel, and after making sure it was waterproof and set up in a safe place away from the hot sun or the winter cold our dog slept outside in their kennel.

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Many dogs still sleep in outside kennels today too, don’t they?  Providing they are in a safe area and enjoy being outside at night, this decision may work well for your family. 

I would also be hopeful that your dog shares lots of time with you though and is not left outside to his or her own devices and therefore feels left out from the family, as dogs are a pack animal and delight in having company.

I am thinking that the creature comforts these dogs would be looking forward to would be going on walks with you, going out in the car, maybe to the beach or a park, and having your company when you sit outside and have a cuppa.

We, as humans, are reliant on the company of each other, which assists our emotional well-being as well as the comforting benefits of having others share the highs and lows that do come across our paths during our life’s journey.

Please feel comfortable to add below to this blog, what creature comforts does your pet dog look forward to doing, as I would love to hear what you and your dog are enjoying together!

Just a little snippet of what my dogs look forward to doing with me.  I have three Australian Kelpies whose ages are 2 years old, 4 years old, and 6 years old.  They are all females and get along well together.  Mind you, I have put boundaries in place so that they would enjoy each other’s company in the long term.   This has not happened overnight, it has been a gradual process of watching and observing and making sure that I lavish the same amount of care on each dog, and I am aware that my dogs take notice of this aspect.

My two year old Kelpie likes nothing more than to get up on the lounge settee (the one they are allowed to be on once the cover has been laid across to protect it) and wait for me as I get ready for bed.  For some reason, this is important to her way of thinking as she profusely wags her tail once I am ready to sit down with her as though to say, “here I am, waiting for you”!

Now, you may be thinking, you said you have three dogs, where do the other two enjoy their creature comforts?  Once I am sitting on the lounge, the six year old kelpie, makes sure I have left her enough room on my right side (must be my right side for her) and jumps up and squashes beside me.  The remaining two year old, also wants to be on my right side, however this is not possible, so she jumps up on my lap, and squishes on my lap and eventually falls over onto my left side.  So now I have three dogs up on the lounge with me, they may remain with me whilst I either do some work on my iPad, watch videos of interest, watch a feel-good movie, or simply relax and catch up with those emails which never seem to clear from my inbox.

I could name other creature comforts that my dogs enjoy, as you have realised my dogs are part of my family and as such know that they are respected and that respect is a two-way event.  There are boundaries to be observed, but to them, these boundaries are simply part of our life together and as long as they are part of “our family pack”, life to them, runs on an even keel.

Mind you, if they are playing together, and I turn up on the scene, they will leave each other to be with me, that is how close the human-animal bond has become.

As suggested above, I would love to hear what creature comforts does your pet dog look forward to doing?

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