What Do Dogs Think About Their Humans?

by | Dec 11, 2023

Interesting question!  Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of your dog?  What do dogs think about their humans?  What do dogs think about their owners to put the question another way?

We as humans, are our dog’s owners, but in what way?  How does the dog see us?  I think that sometimes dogs think we humans are daft. 

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My goodness we ask them to do all these things that they would not be asked to do if they lived in the wild.  Would the leader of their pack ask them to sit and stay sitting for some time, walk to the left side of the pack leader, or lie down in a stay?

Sometimes when the pack leader may need the pack to be quiet, they may get that look to remain invisible from the leader, so maybe a drop or down in a stay may be required.

Even though a young dog may challenge the pack leader, these young dogs learn to comply very quickly with this higher authority.  Of course, some of these young dogs may well be the pack leader at some stage, however, they must earn this position either by way of the passing away of the leader or simply by being stronger or smarter than the pack leader.

Back to us humans!  Our dogs certainly love us unconditionally and they are there waiting for us when we have been out all day or even if we are gone for a short time, they show delight that we have returned home.

Just a caution here, please remember not to make a fuss of your pet when you return home, return calmly, go about your business of getting changed or having a cuppa, then when your dog or dogs are quiet, go and say hello to them.

What do dogs think about their humans?

When you bring home a new puppy, this puppy will try to be a leader, this is naturally bred within them, and they will soon suss you out and start making their plans as to what they want to do or play or chew, when and how they want to do it and not what you want!  Does this sound familiar?

Let’s not forget, the important feeding time!  They soon start demanding their food by way of loud whinging and whining…  ‘I am hungry and give it to me now!’  No, no, no, this is an area where you need to provide boundaries by way of being consistent in your training.

When I catch my dogs looking at me, I can nearly hear them saying, ‘Oh come on, come outside and play’ or ‘Come outside and sit with me’ or ‘Let me in, I want to be with you’.  As soon as I see them lower their ears with a soft look on their faces I know that they recognise that I am interacting with them.  They love to be noticed, just as we like to be noticed.  We like to know we are loved and that there are people who appreciate our company.

I know that when I gain my dog’s respect and love, they are very willing to learn with me any new game or teaching that I offer.  After all, we are one-on-one learning new things together, why wouldn’t they want to be with you, especially when you are fair and consistent and provide a safe environment for them to enjoy within our home.

They are absolute masters at reading our facial expressions, our tone of voice and our body movements, well before we realise this.  They observe us all the time, and are very receptive to our voices, our facial expressions and our routines. 

They know when we are going out, preparing food, and are also aware of our routines.  Any deviation and they are on to it, every watchful!

So, what do dogs think about their humans?  Thankfully, their thinking, over time, becomes a relationship of trust, and therefore the bond that develops ensures a wonderful relationship between humans and animals that is worth every effort to cultivate.  It is so worth it.  God provided us with animals to care for.  The journey is so worthwhile, enjoy!

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