What to Expect Waiting for your New Puppy to be Born

by | Aug 21, 2023

Have you done your research on what is the best breed of puppy for your lifestyle?  You Have!  Here is what to expect waiting for your new puppy to be born.  The 9 weeks from conception to birth can seem such a long time whilst you are waiting.

You have chosen the mother with the breeder that you would like to be the mother of your new puppy and have hopefully seen some of her puppies if she is not a first-time mum!  You may have even seen the dad, or maybe the dad is owned by a different breeder!

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If you are like me, you have asked the breeder to let you know when this particular mum comes into season. 

You have been contacted by the breeder that the mum is in season, so now you wait until she is mated.  I laugh as I think back now, as even waiting for the day of mating to take place, I counted the days!

The doggie mum has now been mated, so now you wait to hear if she is in whelp!

Most breeders will have their mated bitches undertake an Ultrasound around 4 weeks after mating whereby a veterinarian who is experienced in fertility management will be able to count the puppies.  Some veterinarians are so experienced that they can be spot on, or maybe just one puppy over or under.

Yay, your doggie mum is in whelp, with about another 5 weeks to go before giving birth to her puppies.  What have you chosen, a little boy or a little girl? 

A lot of doggie mums at this stage are not even showing an expanded belly, however, they may have extended nipples. In another week or two, their bellies will start expanding if they are carrying a good-sized litter for their breed.

This is a good time to start looking at the growth stages from conception to the nine week mark (about 63 days give or take a couple of days) and what to expect waiting for your new puppy to be born.

Week 1 to 3:  The little baby embryos are in a membrane to protect them and they become attached to the lining of the uterus.

Week 4:  As mentioned above your breeder will visit their chosen vet practice where the mum will undergo an ultrasound to determine whether there are puppies onboard or not, and hopefully the vet will be able to indicate how many puppies can be expected.

This is where we can eagerly wait for the phone call or message to tell us the news.  Hopefully, the news will be positive and we can be given an estimated time of birth.  Run and put the date in your diary!  How exciting, puppies are on the way!

Week 5:  Tiny organs are starting to form and I understand the embryos can now be known as foetuses, and their weight will start to increase, therefore the mum’s belly will start to expand with these growing babies.

Week 6:  Body shapes begin to become more solid-looking and little claws are on the way, and body weight is gaining momentum. 

My thoughts are, what is the mum thinking now as she starts expanding to accommodate these little babies.  Is she starting to find smaller meals spread throughout the day are more comfortable for her to eat?

Week 7:  Body hair is starting to appear on this little puppy shape.

Week 8:  This little skeleton will start boning up together with the body coat thickening.

Week 9:  This is the exciting stage, counting the days to when the puppies will arrive.

Wow, you have received the news from the breeder advising you of how many puppies have been born, how many males and how many females are in the litter, and you may have even learned what coat colours are available if you have requested a specific colour or colour combination.

This is a busy time for the breeder, as your puppy’s breeder may have been up all night helping the mum to whelp her puppies.  Sometimes it can be hard work helping the mum to whelp, making sure all the puppies are sound and healthy, helping them to suckle, and making sure the mum is comfortable and able to look after her puppies.

If the mum needs help and supervision it can mean more lost sleep for the breeder until your chosen breeder is satisfied the mum can go through the night without help.

Most breeders from birth to when you collect your puppy at 8 weeks, will send you weekly reports and photos showing your puppy’s progress.  You may even be able to visit the puppies around 5 weeks of age.

I hope you have enjoyed reading what to expect waiting for your new puppy to be born as this is exactly the excitement and emotions that I go through.  Enjoy your new puppy as God’s creation is a marvel to behold.

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With Love, Success and Inspiration,

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