Where Does Your Dog Like to Sleep when Relaxing Outside?

by | Dec 4, 2023

Let’s ask the question ‘Where does your dog like to sleep when relaxing outside’?  Have you noticed if your dog has favourite areas in your yard where he or she heads to when outside at particular times of the day?

I smile when I see the different rituals my three Australian Kelpies routinely go to with their own special routines, their favourite areas are the default spots that each one seems to head for at certain times of the day.

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One of my Kelpies has a fully black coat and you would think that she would not like to lie in the hot summer sun, black attracting the heat.  How mistaken were my thoughts regarding this when I noticed she deliberately lies in the hot sun until she is so hot that her tongue is hanging out!  I have to remind her that she needs to move and go and drink some water.

She is obviously a sun lover because in the winter she is miserable and if she goes outside before the sun starts making an appearance in our yard she curls up on ‘her’ stool waiting for the sun to shine.   Once the sun hits the corner of our house, she goes and sits against the wall soaking up the warmth, and no, she doesn’t even lie down, she sits there until the sun has moved to the corner of our yard where we grow our vegetables. 

She now sits again with the sun shining on her and will not lie down until the sun shines on our garden wall and it’s only there that she will lie down. 

I shake my head with the thought, what a funny dog.  When she was in pup I used to be concerned at her laying in the sun getting hot and was constantly bringing her back inside our house… mind you she didn’t refuse that offer at all!

I would love to hear where your dog likes to sleep when relaxing outside!

Outside, we have three stools set up, my black Kelpie has her chosen one, my brown Kelpie has chosen one and the remaining brown Kelpie, actually she is a dark chocolate colour, has decided she won’t have the third stool and she jumps up onto my outside chair.  She is a good girl though, if she is aware I am coming outside she will immediately jump off my chair and allow me the pleasure!

This chocolate Kelpie also likes to sleep on an outside toolbox that is set up in a sunny area, she has also claimed that as hers as well as my chair!

And like my black Kelpie she also waits for the sun to appear during the winter months and either sits in the vegetable corner with Mojo and also moves along to the garden wall when the sun makes an appearance.

You must be thinking what does your brown Kelpie do?  Strangely she does not wait for the sun to appear in the yard on a winter’s morning, for some reason she sits at our glass doors looking in, almost as if saying, ‘hey, I don’t want to be out here, can I come back inside, please, pretty please?’ 

Some mornings if I keep seeing her looking through the glass doors when I am in and out of our kitchen area, I do let her back inside for a time as a special treat.

Of course, then I have set a precedent, and do need to repeat the offer every few days or so, and that then creates a dilemma with my other two Kelpies, so I need to offer this treat to them also.  What do I do?   I rotate them by allowing one back inside at a time so that they feel special too.

Thankfully, with time, consistency and patience my dogs are really great dogs and our bond together is special. 

Let me know… where does your dog like to sleep when relaxing outside? … they all have their special quirks of what they like and don’t like, just like you and me really!

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