Why Teach People How to Bond with Their Dogs?

by | Jun 3, 2024

Do people want to have a great bond with their dogs

The question is “Why teach people how to train their dogs?”  Do people want to have a great bond with their dogs?  If anyone is like me, the answer is “Yes, it is so important to me to have a great bond with my dog!”

Why?  Because I have taken on the responsibility of looking after an animal!  After all, God says in the book of Proverbs:   TPT Proverbs 12:10(a) “A good man takes care of the needs of his pets”.

I’ve seen dogs that are just shut in the backyard craving company because a lot of folk do not understand that a dog longs to be part of your pack

These same owners become disenchanted and end up surrendering their dogs.

I’ve always had a soft spot for an animal that looked at me with those soft loving eyes, from a young age! I just went “Oh, you are beautiful, I wonder if my mum would notice if I brought you home, I’m sure I could hide you in my bedroom!”

So, like all children, I thought, if I keep asking my mum constantly, I am sure she will let me have a dog for my very own.

And…. When I was first married, we bought a Labrador puppy and in hindsight, this was not the best of ideas as we both worked full-time!

Well, of course, this puppy, being lonely, and not having any guidance from us during the day got into all sorts of mischief.  This was not mischief, as this puppy had no learning boundaries from us during our working hours.  During this formative learning time, I learned that dogs are pack animals and need constant support and guidance.

I became so keen to learn everything I could!

When I became a dog trainer, I loved working with people and their dogs in a group class which was so rewarding when I saw these folk have an aha moment!  “Oh, that’s how you do it!”  This was gold for me, as I realised that they were listening to what I was teaching them to do with their besties!

So, “Why teach people how to bond with their dogs?”, I am sure you are getting the idea that it gives me great joy to see a close bond forming with the dog owner and their pet dog.

Dogs can read your facial expressions and perceive your attitude far more easily than we sometimes think!  As the saying goes, they can read us like a book!

When we first have our new dog at home with us, it is a good idea to carry treats in your pocket,

or, strap a treat bag around your waist… and when your new puppy or rescue dog does something that you like, reward him or her straight away.

It may be as simple as them lying down peacefully on the floor or ground, tell them they are good, and reward them either with a pat or treat, they soon learn to respond once they understand that good things happen when they offer the same behaviour.

A pattern will develop, so that when they take a rest, you are pleased with them and they will look forward to your pat, your verbal praise or a treat.

There are health benefits in having a closely bonded buddy.

You become more active, learn to be calm, more patient.  Instead of feeling, “oh, I don’t feel like getting up now”, you now have dog that needs to be fed, needs water, needs to be bathed and groomed, loves a walk or an outing, so this will give you a purpose to get up for, as new this animal needs your guidance and loving care!

It is a commitment for many years and if you simply follow some simple steps that I love to teach to guide your new companion, the rewards are endless and well worth the effort.  I absolutely love my dogs, they are a blessed part of my life and this is what I hope for you!

Back to the question “Why teach people how to bond with their dog?”, I am sure by now, you realise how much I love my dogs and what a joy it is to me to help others achieve this same bond that I share with my dogs!

Until next time…

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